Garden Umrella: i feel so much love..wew.. (2.3.12, 3:36am)

epmujqs: GHjLnA ubfbphuqzihr, [url=]mdpljjgdywsp[/url], [link=]wuhzvixipkmg[/link], (6.29.11, 12:29am)

Leeza: Oh wow! I love these photos... especially the first one. Marisol, you are beautiful! So fresh-faced. Congratulations, Luis and Marisol. =o) (1.9.08, 9:20pm)

Greg: That blue wall was awesome, and the picture against the wall where they are pulling away from each other is cute. (12.6.07, 3:06am)

Tonya: The colors in these pictures are amazing! (11.23.07, 2:37pm)

cesar perez: David...both.. but mainly the elephant. I saw one yesterday with the goat...dude is crazy. I tivo all the episodes though. (11.21.07, 5:27pm)

david & kimi baxter: cesar, are you talking about when he eats a live frog? or when he squeezes the elephant....i can't even say it. my wife LOVE'S bear. (11.19.07, 5:30pm)

Drea: These are some really great pics. Congrats to you both and good luck. (11.19.07, 4:27pm)

david & kimi baxter: wow guys! your color always amazes me! love that shoes shot, vans rule! (11.17.07, 12:40pm)

Stephanie: Again, what always amazes me about your pics is the COLOR... it's brilliant and so bright... love these, keep it up! (11.17.07, 12:25pm)

Rocio: AWWWWW these are soooo sweet!!! Kiss your brain Cesar. You did it again!!! (11.15.07, 9:00pm)

Kay: Awwww great pix! (11.15.07, 1:58pm)

stacey: just stumbled onto your blog. cool shots! the one under the big "W" made me think of the movie "it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world". if you haven't seen it, there was money buried under palm trees that made a big W. anyway, glad my blog hopping led me to your work! (11.15.07, 12:00pm)

cesar perez: Tammy for this shoot i mainly used my 85mm 1.8 I normally rock my 24mm 1.4 but the lighting was kinda crappy so i left that one mainly on my other camera and rarely got used. As far as settings go i tweak some of the totally rad actions to get the POP from my images. Hope this helps. =) Abraham: She was common a couple weeks back. I try and stay away from Mtv...although it can be hard with tanya in the house. I occasionally flip it on to watch run's house but other then that its the discovery channel for me. Has anyone seen the previews to the new Man vs wild....gross...gotta watch. (11.15.07, 11:34am)

Rachel Brooke: these images are crystal clear! I love that ivy wall...great find on the locations. (11.15.07, 11:20am)

abraham: love that blue wall......keep up the great work! ....btw, is it just me or is alicia keys in every commercial on mtv? (11.15.07, 11:00am)

damian: i forgot the best one is the one with both of your feet. lol (11.15.07, 10:00am)

Damian: Came out good. congrats to you too. (11.15.07, 9:54am)

Adriana Castro: OKAY!! So I kept telling my brother that he needed YOU to take their pictures, because I knew they would come out GREAT!!! and I was right!!! Your magic works wonders!! I love every single one these. Hope your still around when I get engaged... (whenever that may be!) (11.15.07, 8:08am)

Tammy: I love the first one and the dancing shots, but they're all great. The colors and clarity in your pictures is amazing. I'm sure it would be helpful to a lot of us what settings you use and what lenses you use for some of your shoots. (11.15.07, 7:34am)

Kenzie: These are so cute! (11.15.07, 6:26am)

Mari and Luis: We loved the pics!!... wow I was afraid since it was windy and the sun was kind of hiding from us. But you really did a great job you worked your magic!.. Thanks Cesar we really loved them can't wait to see them all. (11.14.07, 10:56pm)