Garden Umrella: love the cake (2.3.12, 3:33am)

Lara @ Southern Weddings: The cake shot is phenomenal. Love the energy in the images. Beautiful! (7.24.08, 1:39pm)

Greg: Love the picture of the couple by the door (in b&w) plus eveyrone looked like they were having a good time dancing the night away! woohoo! (12.6.07, 3:04am)

Regina : Dang Tiahesha can a girl over in Michigan get a coach bag from ya too! Love it! What a great wedding full of photos. They rocked the camera once again. (11.30.07, 11:37am)

Carri: WOW guys! Beautiful, beautiful work, so inspiring!!! (11.27.07, 1:35am)

Tiahesha: WOW!!! I am in love with these pictures. You are an amazing photographer. I am sooooo happy with the preview pictures. GREAT JOB!! (11.26.07, 2:35pm)

Kenzie: LOVE the window shots! beautiful wedding! great job guys! (11.24.07, 8:20am)

Cesar + Tanya Perez: Hey Abraham! It was one of those shots that you know you think you saw somewhere but couldn't put a name to it. :) They had a picture guestbook so figured I would give it a shot. Kerri + MsB + David & Kimi: They were definitely a stunning couple, we were honored to have the chance to shoot them. Hope we did their wedding justice! :) (11.21.07, 7:34am)

kerri mcconnell: wow. what a beautiful wedding. such wonderful colors... and... could this couple BE any better looking!! (11.20.07, 6:27pm)

MsB: Wow, can the bride be any prettier??? (11.20.07, 6:15pm)

david & kimi baxter: WOW! what a beautiful wedding and stunning couple. my favorite is the bride looking out the window. nice work guys! (11.20.07, 6:08pm)

Tammy: LOVE that picture shot. Also the portraits of her are beautiful. Looked fun. Can't wait to see the other posts. (11.20.07, 3:50pm)

abraham: great job guys! do i see some jeff newsom influence with that polaroid shot?! :) looks great... (11.20.07, 2:56pm)

stephanie: Loved these, this venue was my first choice for a reception location but was booked, it looks like they had a great time, good job!! (11.20.07, 1:39pm)