Garden Umrella: I wanted to thank you for this great read! (2.3.12, 3:31am)

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Lynn: Where was the reception held? So pretty! (1.19.08, 11:02am)

Greg: My favorite pic is of the little girl going down the isle... awww! (12.6.07, 3:03am)

Regina : Yeah! I love a good wedding. These are great photos... (11.30.07, 11:35am)

Tracey Carrasco: Hello Mr. Perez! We are back from our honeymoon!! Actually, we couldn't wait so we found internet access out in Mexico to check out the pictures and we were impressed. They are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for working with us on the day of the wedding. We all had a lot of fun and I know both families were extremely happy with your work ethic. We're looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures. You and your wife are fantastic! (11.28.07, 11:03am)

Angela Nguyen: Beautiful pictures - My sister and new brother-in-law look amazing in your photos ^_^ - thank you for both of you guys' time and effort! (11.26.07, 9:08pm)

Rachel Brooke: You guys are awesome! Nice and crisp images...have a happy thanksgiving! (11.21.07, 5:54pm)

Jessica M: Fun! They look so happy together. Great work guys! (11.21.07, 3:47pm)

Tammy: Looked like a fun wedding. My favorite of these is the son and mother dance. (11.21.07, 8:47am)