Garden Umrella: love the 3rd one to the last pic.. (2.3.12, 3:29am)

Jessica M: Like your shoe shots. Like the pictures in the trees. Seems like you captured them well. (11.26.07, 4:48pm)

Crystal: Thanks Cesar--Johnny and I love these pictures so much, you captured our personalities really well, and really took advantage of the setting. It's been great working with you and Tanya! (11.25.07, 5:29pm)

david & kimi baxter: love the shots in the tall twigs! (11.25.07, 10:50am)

Stephanie: Love these! The setting is really different for you guys and it was brilliant! Keep it up! (11.23.07, 7:15pm)

Tammy: This location looked great, very different! My favorite is the 10th one down of them in the woods. Really like the way the sun is coming through those branches. (11.23.07, 2:53pm)