Garden Umrella: Simple but yet elegant (2.3.12, 3:27am)

Rachel : Hey guys! I am absolutely in love with this whole bridal session and their wedding to follow! Georgeous! Tanya, I think we may get to meet at the Love Affair Workshop! Your post processing is unbelievable. I cannot for the life of me figure out how you get such clarity. I will have lots of questions for you! (1.13.08, 7:46pm)

Greg: The fourth picture really stood out to me, I liked the way you were able to capture that smile behind the bars... things. (12.6.07, 2:58am)

Regina : Aye Que Bonita! She is flawless! and so are these photos. WOW! (11.30.07, 11:34am)

Kathryn: I recognize that place :) Stunning...beautiful bride. (11.28.07, 2:19pm)

Marisol: Kathy you look so beautiful! You look like a natural. (11.28.07, 11:45am)

VANESSA: okay, no lies... i got teary! Kat, you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL and most importantly HAPPY! Sorry I couldn't be there... i would have loved to have gone. GREAT JOB ON THE PHOTOGRAPHY!!! (11.28.07, 10:30am)

Carri: Love, the first one and the one where she is leaning against the wall. You guys blow me away! (11.27.07, 1:37am)

Jessica M: I will echo everyone else's comment of Wow. What a great shoot. (11.26.07, 4:47pm)

nena: awww... they look great!! kat looks beautiful!! (11.26.07, 10:28am)

Tammy: WOW! That first shot is genius! I love them all though. (11.26.07, 9:15am)

Stephanie: Friggin' awesome, love love love them! Absolutely beautiful work. (11.26.07, 6:56am)

david & kimi b: wow! love all the shots. what a gorgeous shoot! (11.26.07, 12:31am)

abraham: i really like the grassy shots towards the end.....great d.o.f. tooo! (11.25.07, 8:10pm)

Kenzie: wow! absolutely gorgeous! the first one is my favorite! (11.25.07, 6:40pm)

Donna: Great shoot beautiful work! (11.25.07, 5:21pm)

Kathy: Wow! I'm so happy to see how great they came out. Thanks for such a great was a lot of fun. Yikes! The wedding is like a month away!!!! Wow. (11.25.07, 5:15pm)

Ava Zub: Gorgeous photography. I love checking your blog. My favorite is #1. Happy Holidays (11.25.07, 4:00pm)