Garden Umrella: Very cool (2.3.12, 3:26am)

Greg: I really liked the 7th 8th and 10th pictures. I do believe the wind worked out to your and their advantage (12.6.07, 2:56am)

Catie: Shelley, in the words of LJ, "haha, AWW!" :) (11.30.07, 6:10pm)

Shelley: Catie, you are beautiful and Caleb, you are lucky to be marrying her! These pictures are amazing and perfectly capture these essence of who they are as a couple. Cant wait for the wedding pics! (11.30.07, 2:57pm)

Regina : I am so jealous you are always rockin the camera and the exposure and colors are so on it. Very Awesome! (11.30.07, 11:31am)

Stephanie: She looks like shes had experience modeling before, what a great smile! Good job! (11.27.07, 3:25pm)

david & kimi b: wow looks like an awesome couple! can't wait for the wedding pics. always love the graffiti wall shots guys! (11.27.07, 1:50am)

abraham: i really like the graffiti background pic. your exposure are right on the money, beautiful light falling on them throughout the shoot! (11.26.07, 7:03pm)

Rachel Brooke: I was looking through Knot Weddings magazine for some wedding ideas and I saw your add. I proudly announced to my mom "Hey, they are my blog friends!" :) I found myself a bit starstruck there! Hope yall enjoyed the holidays. Loved this shoot, especially the turquoise door shots. (11.26.07, 6:53pm)

Jessica M: I've been so busy haven't had much of a chance to come by. These pictures are great! I am so jealous that you have all of these cool walls around you. Keep it up! (11.26.07, 4:46pm)

Tammy: She is beautiful. What a cute couple. (11.26.07, 2:49pm)

Catie: I will say it is sort of weird to see Caleb and I on the blog after so long of looking at so many other amazing photos of other couples! We had so much fun, and it looks like I was smiling more than I thought! (11.26.07, 11:10am)

Catie: I absolutely LOVE the pictures! Thanks so much! (11.26.07, 10:58am)