Garden Umrella: Break a leg!! (2.3.12, 3:23am)

Rachel Brooke: GO COWBOYS!! (12.4.07, 10:25pm)

Tammy: Oh you Cowboys fans are quite wacky in a good way. (12.2.07, 3:59pm)

Catie: In my agony that I did not have NFL ticket, I was glued to the scrolling ESPN updates during the Rutgers game. I did catch all the glorious highlights this morning in the gym though! WOO HOO! Cows Win!!! (11.30.07, 9:23am)

Stephanie: 11-1 baby! Ooooh yeah! Tony Romo is my homeboy! (11.30.07, 8:35am)

Elida and Amanda: The most awesome game ever. Go Cowboys!!!!! (11.29.07, 11:09pm)