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We are thankful

In honor of one of our favorite holiday's, we wanted to reflect on what we're both so thankful for.

What are thankful for:

1) Our families. My mom, dad and my 6 brothers! Yes, I was the only girl! ☹ Cesarís mom, dad, and 3 sisters. They are the reason we are both here today. They have always been such a rock for us, always encouraging us to dream big and go for what we want. Our grandmothers - because they are such amazing and strong women.

2) All of our completely amazing friends. Specifically, Fernando + Rocio. They have been there for us through some really rough times and are still there todayÖ Walking in to our house without knocking and falling asleep on our couches.

3) The trust our clients have in us! It means the world to us.

4) Having each other, knowing we found that we found that one person that we canít live without.

5) And last but definitely not least, having a roof over our head and food on our table. We feel amazingly blessed.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Now we're off to eat! :)

Go Cowboys!

We have more than a few shoots to blog, we will resume our normal postings tomorrow. :)

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